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AI Controller for real time video inferencing

AI Controller for real time video inferencing

Product Features

• Octo Core CPU
• 3 Gb RAM
• 32Gb Flash Storage
• Bluetooth 5.0
• DSP engine
• USB 3 x 2
• USB 2 x 2
• 2 x CAN bus
• 3 GPIO for device integration

• Gyro sensor
• Accelerometer
• Input voltage 9V to 36V

• External antenna GPS

Cloud Solution

  • Web access to all products

  • Device Geo-Fencing

  • Mapping

  • Open API for integration into 3rd party systems

  • Device updates and control

Mobile App

  • Access your devices anywhere

  • Step by step installation procedure

System Features

  • Operates in real world light conditions

  • Full systems notification through our device portal and mobile app

  • The system is configurable for various camera positions, vehicle layouts and custom customer requirements

  • Safe as per IEC-62471

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Product Specifications

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