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Solving problems through innovation.


AI and Vision Machine Learning

AI and Vision Machine Learning are the driving forces behind OOGI’s cutting-edge capabilities. This foundational technology allows OOGI to “see” and interpret the road environment in real-time.

OOGI prevents accidents, enhances safety and creates a more informed driving experience by:


  • detecting and recognising objects,

  • analyzing driving conditions,

  • and providing timely alerts.


The ability to adapt and improve over time is what puts OOGI at the forefront of road safety innovation.


Face Scanning

The Face Scanning technology of OOGI goes beyond driver identification, playing a crucial role in making driving safer and tailoring to the driver’s needs.

OOGI does this by:

  • actively monitoring the driver's condition,

  • providing personalized safety alerts,

  • enhancing security, 

  • and offering valuable data for improving safety and performance.


Custom Fatigue Algorithm

The Custom Fatigue Algorithm in the OOGI camera is an individualized system that actively monitors drivers for signs of fatigue and takes immediate action to prevent drowsy driving-related accidents. Its adaptability, learning capabilities, and integration with driver monitoring make it a powerful tool.

Innovation for Road Safety

OOGI aims to make road travel safer and more secure for drivers and passengers alike. The commitment to innovation in road safety is evident in OOGI’s advanced technologies and features.

These innovations not only detect and mitigate potential risks but also:


  • personalize safety measures, 

  • address specific safety challenges like drowsy driving, 

  • and provide valuable insights for improving overall road safety. 


Driver Scoring System

OOGI is committed to road safety and going beyond accident prevention; by empowering drivers to improve their driving habits through a Driver Scoring System.

This innovative feature:

  • evaluates driver behavior, 

  • encourages safer driving practices, 

  • and provides valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

OOGI Driver Scoring System is a forward-thinking approach to road safety. It not only promotes safer driving practices but also empowers drivers and fleet managers with valuable insights to continuously improve their safety and efficiency on the road. With customizable parameters and real-time feedback, the Driver Scoring System contributes to safer roads and more responsible driving behavior.

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