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Improve safety with our intuitive AI driver assistant camera. Ever present. 
Always with you.

The Oogi Uno AI Dash Camera.
The Oogi Uno AI Dash Camera

01: Driver Facing Camera 02: IR LED’s  

03: Button 04: PIR 05: LED Ring

06: Speaker 07 Adjustable Mount 

Product Features


  • Driver and Face ID

  • Road distraction 

  • Eyes open close

  • Move seat belt detection 

    • Cell Phone

    • Smoking

    • Seat belt

    • Custom

  • Driver Action engine

Oogi Duo.jpg

Product Specifications

Get to know your Oogi and make the best choice for your specific driving needs.

Oogi Uno CTA.jpg

Let’s Talk

We're always available. Tell us about your fleet needs and let's see how best we can protect you and your drivers.

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