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Driver Scoring System

How it Works:

  • The Driver Scoring System relies on data collected by OOGI during each journey.

  • It takes into account various factors, including speed, distraction, fatigue, braking patterns, lane adherence, and adherence to traffic rules.


Real-time Feedback:

  • Drivers receive real-time feedback and scores based on their driving performance.

  • This feedback is delivered through the Duo or Uno camera's interface, ensuring that drivers are aware of their performance as they drive.


Customizable Parameters:

  • OOGI allows users to customize the parameters used in the scoring system.

  • This flexibility ensures that the scoring system aligns with the specific safety goals and preferences of each driver.


Driving Habits Improvement:

  • The Driver Scoring System serves as a proactive tool for improving driving habits.

  • By highlighting areas that need attention, it encourages safer and more responsible driving practices.


Gamification and Motivation:

  • To make the experience engaging, the scoring system can incorporate gamification elements.

  • Drivers can set personal goals, compete with themselves, or participate in challenges to further motivate safer driving.


Access to Historical Data:

  • Drivers can access historical data and trends related to their driving performance.

  • This feature helps drivers identify areas where they've improved and where they can focus on further enhancement.


Benefits for Fleet Managers:

  • Fleet managers can leverage the Driver Scoring System to monitor and evaluate the performance of their drivers.

  • It provides insights into the safety and efficiency of the entire fleet and helps in driver coaching and training.


Privacy and Data Security:

  • OOGI AI places a high priority on data privacy and security.

  • Driver scoring data is securely stored and protected, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential.


Continuous Improvement:

  • OOGI is committed to continuously enhancing the Driver Scoring System.

  • Future updates may include more advanced scoring parameters and features to further promote safe driving practices.

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