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Face Scanning

Facial Recognition Technology:

  • OOGI's camera features advanced facial recognition technology that can identify the driver and passengers inside the vehicle.

  • This technology relies on a combination of cameras and AI algorithms to capture and analyze facial features extremely accurately.


Driver Identification:

  • The primary function of face scanning is to identify the driver and associate them with specific driving data and settings.

  • Once the driver is recognized, OOGI can provide a personalized driving experience, including custom safety alerts and settings.


Driver Monitoring:

  • The facial recognition system continuously monitors the driver's face during the journey.

  • It tracks various factors, such as facial expressions, eye movements, and head position, to detect signs of drowsiness, distraction, or impairment.


Real-Time Alerts:

  • When the system detects signs of driver fatigue, distraction, or impairment, it generates real-time alerts.

  • These alerts are designed to get the driver's attention and prompt them to take corrective actions, such as resting or refocusing on the road.


Security and Access Control:

  • Beyond safety, facial recognition can be used for security and access control purposes.

  • It can restrict access to certain functions of the vehicle settings, ensuring that only authorized individuals can make changes.


Personalized Safety:

  • Face scanning enhances safety by allowing OOGI to tailor its alerts and interventions to the specific driver.

  • For example, if the system detects that the driver is getting drowsy, it can issue a drowsy driving alert and suggest a break or rest stop.


Data Logging and Reporting:

  • The facial recognition system also logs data related to driver behavior and facial expressions.

  • This data can be used for post-journey analysis, incident reporting, and driver coaching, helping drivers improve their habits and safety.

Privacy and Data Security:

  • OOGI takes privacy and data security seriously. Facial recognition data is securely stored and protected to prevent unauthorized access or misuse.

Adaptability and Customization:

  • The face scanning technology adapts to different lighting conditions, facial expressions, and driver appearances.

  • It's designed to work reliably under various scenarios, ensuring consistent performance.

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